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That is what I am concerned about is the six month waiting period. I mean in my mind I am thinking, I had it six months ago and they did a leep procudure to get it all out, at my three month pap after that it was gone and now three moths after that its back. I think that it is pretty quick to have it back and if it can come back within three months who's to say it can not progress in three months. When I asked why they did not want to repeat it they said that the new national reccomendation is six months instead of three which is what it used to be. I am wondering if I can jut say that I want a follow up pap in three months regardless of what any national reccomendation is. It just seems like last time I had this they were very agressive and this time they are not. Last time between diagnosis and the leep proceure it was two weeks. I am really concerned and dont understand why i should have to sit here and be concerned for six month. Any suggestions?

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