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Hi Lisa,

My gosh you seem to have a host of problems, I am so sorry. Are you seeing a pain management specialist ? This may not be a bad idea in light of the fibromyalgia and the endometriosis. The doctor probably did not think too much of the cysts because cysts (both simple and complex) are extremely common. All women grow cysts on their ovaries every month which contain eggs and most often these things are gone in a few cycles. If the cysts bleed into themselves (as in your case) they can cause pain and they have to be removed. In addition, they see thickened uteri (uteruses ??) all of the time. They do not like to leave a thickened uterus because it has a greater chance of becoming precancerous so at the very least, they will want to perform a D & C to remove the thickened lining.

As for me, I have a 7.5 cm simple fluid filled cyst on my left ovary that was discovered when they did an ultrasound back in September because I was having pelvic pain and irregular bleeding. I also had an endometrial biopsy done. Since I had been on the birth control pill for about 20 years, the doctors were quite certain that my irregular bleeding was due to long term use of the pill which sometimes results in endometrial atrophy. This indeed turned out to be the case because when I went off the pill, the irregular bleeding immediately stopped and my cycles became regular immediately. I think the pelvic pain was also caused by this and I have read that when your lining is too thin (mine was about 2 mm thick !) you can develop veins that bleed very easily (kind of like hemorrhoids but in the uterus). Now the only bad pain that I have is during ovulation and occasionally during the week preceding my period. The pain is rather intense while I ovulate and it radiates down my abdomen and causes rectal cramping. I suspect that this pain is because of the cyst. It also scares the crap out of me but I am trying to be patient since I have been on the pill for so long that I have to learn what my body off the pill feels like (although I don't remember having ovulation pain before going on the pill .. just incredibly heavy and painful periods, which I now don't have). As of my second ultrasound in November, the cyst was still the same size and I am due for another ultrasound in a couple of weeks to make sure that the thing has not grown. If it begins to grow then I will have to have a laparoscopy to remove it. My gyne says that it is an abnormal serous cyst which she says is benign (although you never truly know for sure until you remove it and do a pathology on the cells .. but let's just say there is a 95-99 % chance that it is benign). My G.P. thinks that there is still a chance that it will go away by itself .. I have had a CA-125 blood test (testing for an ovarian cancer antigen) which came out at 7, a very low number which is good (anything 35 and under is considered normal although this damned test is not completely reliable).

I am 41 years old and if I have to have it removed, I think that I would opt for a cyst removal rather than the entire ovary .. although I can always have one ovary removed and the other would take over. If I can avoid surgery however I will do so and if it does not change, I choose to simply keep an eye on it. For the moment I am trying to keep my sense of humour and I have named the cyst Celine, after a singer who I don't particularly like. Being a little crazy can be quite healthy overall, I think.

Take care and good luck at your doctor's appointment. I am sure everything will be just fine for you in the gynecological department.

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