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Hello this is going to be lenghty I apologize but have several points to make here.
My history I was digonosed in March 05 that I had stage2b cervical cancer.I was 34 at the time which is awful young for this type of cancer but not unheard of.I decided to seek the BEST in cancer care so I looked at my back door which is Houston Texas,I made a appointment and was seen in a VERY timely manner.They ran their own tests and decided the best course of treatment was 3 months of 5 times a week raditian and 2 and a half of low dose chemo 1 time a week and at the end of it all a bonus 2 internal raditian treatments!!!
Scared to death I did EVERYTHING completed all treatments,and was told I was cancer free WOO HOO!!! was I a happy camper the raditian was the worst of it burning my skin up and frying ALL my female parts which was explained to me now I will be childless BUT ALIVE good enough.
My last treatment was Sept.05

Well in October 05 I was feeling good and decided to get my life back I went back to work BUT then I started having problems in EARLY Nov.05 I was so constipated I went to a local ER and they gave me a prescribed laxative and sent me on my way. it continued by December I was a wreck I waited until after the holidays and in Jan.06 I went to the hospital I had been treated for cancer for ER and was given a enema then the dam broke!!!! I had dirrhea coming from my rear end and Vagina!!! I was sooooooo miserable so I went to the ER there again a week later they admitted me and 3 weeks later in the hospitial I was discharged sporting a colostomy and two urine bags attached to my back draining urine from my kidneys!!!!!
Raditian has destroyed my insides i have 2 fistulas a messed up bladder and colon and hopefully with prayers they will heal and this awfulness of all these bags will be reversed!!!!!!
I needed to vent and warn and advise to all
#1) Go get your annual pap WITHOUT fail and a pelvic exam at least every other year.(wish I had)

#2) If your faced with cancer research it completely raditian is VERY hard on you Please PLease Please think twice about it ( wish I had)

Now thanks for reading and PLEASE pray for me and my family we are tired,stressed and I am hoping all of this wii heal and no more surgeries or required EXCEPT to reverse the colostomy and pee bags in my back!!!!!

I appericate your time.

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