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I wonder if anyone can help me or had same issue, I had LEEP procedure last Thursday (2-7-08), I had almost no bleeding or cramping for the first few days. Last night I woke up with what felt like moderate menstrual cramps (won't have another period till April 'cause I take Seasonale, so I know that is not it), and now I have some bleeding. About the same amount of bleeding as a normal to light period. Any advice?
Hi Rayme - I had my leep done on 1/28 and i just stopped bleeding yesterday - so yes it is perfectly normal. The main concern is if you were to bleed enough to go through a pad in less than one hour - then you should go to the er or at the very least call your ob/gyn. I hope that this helps put you at ease somewhat - have a great day, Kristin
My doctor told me that that is totally normal and even to be expected. I had light bleeding about a week later too. Not to worry - it should be just fine.


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