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Hello Shannon,

Sorry to hear that you are going through this. How old are you ? Are you premenopausal or post ? Also, is there any history of gynecological cancers in your family such as breast, uterine and of course ovarian ? Where are the other cysts located ? The report should state this. Be sure to get a copy for yourself and read exactly what it says. Have they ever done a CA-125 blood test ? And what types of ovarian cysts did you have in your previous history ? Were they simple, fluid filled cysts, complex cysts, chocolate or dermoid cysts etc.. These are all issues that will be considered by your doctors before taking the next steps in your treatment.

Try not to be too alarmed because the problems you are having may very well be due to the cysts themselves. However, you have to "think the best and plan for the worst" as they say. Make sure you get a copy of your radiology report and go over it carefully with your doctor so that you can make sound medical decisions. Keep in mind that ovarian cancer is a very rare disease and the only reason there is so much negative hype about it is because it is serious when left untreated. If caught in the earlier stages, it is quite curable and actually more curable than other cancers because they are able to remove ovaries, tubes, uterus etc.. (whereas in other types of cancers, it is much more difficult to remove other organs such as the pancreas for example).

I am reasonably certain that you will be referred to a gynecological oncologist and that he or she will perform a CA-125 test to check the levels of this cancer antigen in your blood. You will also most likely also be scheduled for a laparotomy to remove your ovaries and the ovarian mass / abdominal cysts (if possible). This would probably be the best course of action and it will mean a few days recovery in hospital. Don't worry about any pain though as I just had a friend that went through this and with an epidural post surgery she was completely pain free and was quite comfortable even when sent home. She is recovering splendidly.

Worst case scenario, if it IS ovarian cancer, keep in mind that the chemotherapy that they have now is much more efficient than in previous years. Most women respond very positively to the first line treatment of chemo and if not, they have second line treatments that are also very good (about 90% of women respond to the first line, however). It is extremely important for you to do your part and stay as healthy as possible (mind and body), cancer or no cancer.

Hang in there and let us know how your appointment goes. We are here to offer as much support as we can so feel free to visit at any time.
I was having the same thing happen to me. I'm a 39 yr old mom of two. Around June of last year they found a 4 cm complex cyst on my right ovary. Had the lower back pain, adnormal bleeding, cramps, not feeling good over all. My doctor told me to just wait three months and see if the birth control pills take care of it. Well, my pain just kept getting worse and so did my cyst. It grew from a 4 cm to a 5 cm. FINALLY four months, 3 doctors and lots of co-pays later they decide to do a hysterectomy and remove both ovaries. When they went in they found the cyst was the beginning of cancer. I was very blessed that the cancer didn't spread. It was totally contained in the right ovary. I don't want to scare you, I just want you to be aware. My CR-125 cancer screening blood test came out clear, but I still had cancer. If I were you, I would opt to have your ovaries removed. Why go through that much pain when it can be done away with? Well, anyway, good luck and God bless you in what ever happens.


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