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Hello ness79

Your pap at least in my opinion does not seem serious at all.
By not serious, ofcourse I mean NOT cancer. You result is
nowhere near that. Notice it says recommend repeat pap
in one year. The pathologist is remarking that what they
see is "consistent" with HPV which quite frankly doesn't mean very much.
A result of LSIL (low grade Intraepethial lesion) often means that HPV is present but unless you are tested for HPV and the test comes out positive, you really can't say with any certainty whether you indeed have HPV or not. Lesions can be caused by many things, only one being HPV. If your doctor believes the lesion might have been caused by a trauma from a previous procedure, then it is possible you don't have HPV at all.
It is also important to know if your HPV is a high or low risk strain. That will determine the likelyhood of whether your condition might progress to cancer in the future. A biopsy is not done during cautery as you are taking a piece of tissue off of the cervix for examination. To do so could risk an infection. In fact, that procedure should not be done if someone has an active infection. From what I read an active cervical infection is treated first. The cautery is done later if the pap continues to be abnormal. By burning the abnormal cells left behind, normal skin grows in its place and the problem is solved for good. Your infection could be the result of the cautery (hard to tell). Infection is a common complication of the procedure. Chronic cervicitis is often the result of an infection that was not completely cured on the first go-around. Quite common.

I had a pap very similar to yours in 1995 except it did not show HPV.
Ofcourse they were not testing for it back then. This pap followed a miscarriage that I had suffered only 3 months before so I often wondered if there was a connection.

But back then I was treated immediately with the clindamycin cream that you are on. A repeat pap then turned up normal but with mild inflamation. No cautery was done.

The following year I had another pap showing "reactive atypia". I was treated again with the same medication. The next pap was normal.

I had normal pap smears for the next 11 years until this november when my result showed, "ASCUS - HPV negative for high and low risk strains". Following a colposcopy which yielded the same result, I went for cryotherapy (similar to cautery except the freeze rather than burn the cells away) this past January. I return now for a repeat of the pap smear in April. I am hoping it will be normal but I do need to go for paps every 3 months for the next year. I'm summizing that the cause of my ASCUS was in reality a case of chronic cervicitis given my pap history AND that I had symptoms of what felt like a severe vaginal or cervical infection in October which was the month prior to getting this pap test result.

At some point you are going to have to have your pap smear repeated, perhaps 3 months from now? Your body has to get past the infection / cautery event before a repeat test can be done. Given your history and your concern about HPV I would make sure you get an HPV test along with the pap smear so that you can have peace of mind.

Hope this helps.


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