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Has anyone had any complications following a LEEP procedure? I had the procedure done on Feb. 25th and here it is eight days later and I am having some unusual symptoms. The procedure was done on a Monday. Tuesday I was still hurting a bit so I took the day off from work. I made myself go to work on Wednesday only to get sick to my stomach (vomiting). I continued to vomit for nearly two hours (the boss sent me home). This continued through Thursday (so I missed work again). The position I hold does not require me to work on Friday's so the weekend gave me a little time to recoup. I was actually feeling okay by mid Saturday.

Yesterday (1 week post procedure) I again decided to give going to work another shot. I made it all day! However, when I got home, I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand it! I had a dull pain in my lower abdomen and a sharp pain that would shoot through my vaginal area. The pain kind of reminded me of labor contractions. In addition, my "discharge" (brownish substance) from the procedure became worse yesterday. I felt as though I was wetting myself. The discharge was blood tinged and extremely heavy.

Today I went back into work but was put on "light duty" until I receive a call back from the doctor. I left a message with the office this morning. The nurse just returned my call and said that my doctor was out of the office today. She is going to consult with the doctor on call and call me back a little later today.

As for today, I am still very "uncomfortable". I have pains shoot through me when I stand up or sit down. Walking is even painful.

Can anyone relate to the problems I am having? Could this be an infection? Is it possible that I have done this to myself by all of the heavy lifting I do at work? (I seem to feel better when I haven't strained my stomach muscles) I only went back to work because my doctor assured me that I would be okay (I did tell her that my position requires heavy lifting throughout the day)

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