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[QUOTE=ncoontz1;3492143]my doctor did a colposcopy and a biopsy. does this mean i have cancer?[/QUOTE]

Hi There,

I know it's almost impossible not to worry...but don't, not until the Doctor tells you what you're dealing with.

I had the same tests you did and was told I had CIN III (serve dysplasia)...and that a biopsy was being done to check for cancer.

They even went as far to say that I had a 70% of developing cancer based on what they were seeing.

6 weeks later the results came back from the lab and they were WRONG!!!

Biopsy showed no cancer and only a mild case of dysplasia.

So hang in there...and don't worry until you know what you're worrying about!

Stress is not good for your body!!!


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