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I'm sorry you are going through this. I know how frightening it can be.

Last fall, I had an ultrasound which showed a 4-cm complex, solid cyst (tumor) on my left ovary. I'd been having a lot of pain in my pelvic area and up under my ribcage on the left, as well as in my left shoulder. I also had constipation/diarrhea for several months previous, along with abdominal bloating which was attributed to IBS. Along with that I had lack of appetite, weight loss of 25 lbs. in just a few months without dieting, burning on urination, extreme fatigue, etc. All of these are symptoms of ovarian cancer, but, they are also symptoms which can be caused by ovarian cysts.

I had surgery in December to have both ovaries removed (the other one had a functional cyst.) It was supposed to have been a laparocopic surgery, but due to "extremely severe adhesions", I ended up with a laparotomy. (The surgical incision was made through my old hysterectomy scar and is about 8" long.)

The cyst turned out to be a cystadenofibroma, which is a benign tumor. In addition, one of my fallopian tubes was swollen, and everything was stuck to my pelvic wall and colon from the adhesions. My doctor had quite a time getting everything out and had a lot of work cleaning everything up.

Since having the surgery, all of the symptoms I'd been having have disappeared, including the ones attributed to IBS (which I didn't have), and I feel world's better. My incision healed in just a few weeks, and I actually recovered much faster than I did with my hysterectomy.

I was only off from work for a little over two weeks, but I was preparing for college classes that I teach, so I could sit down and also go home when I needed to. Depending on your job, you may need up to six weeks.

The good thing is that the majority of ovarian cysts are benign. So, while I know it's scary, chances are, you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck with everything. Please let us know how you're doing. And if you have any questions about the surgery, let me know. I'm happy to help in any way that I can.



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