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I haven't wanted to post, because I am still hoping this is just a cyst, not ovarian cancer. But I have been worrying & figured I would post.

I had some health problems last summer (losing weight & pelvic pain & such) & had tons of tests done. (Finally they discovered I had IBD, probably crohn's disease). But meanwhile, they did a pelvic ultrasound & found a 2.2 cm cyst on my left ovary. I was told it was nothing to worry about & that they normally go away on their own. I was supposed to have a follow up in November, but didn't due to the fact that my brother was very ill with cancer & I just didn't have the time (now I am kicking myself). I called them a while ago because the pain has gotten worse (hip pain/pelvic/lower abd. pain/low back pain) & I have this horrible pressure, (but I kept thinking it was due to my IBD) to have that follow-up ultrasound. The results came back that it had grown & is now a septated complex cyst. It is either 2 cysts over 5 cm each or 1 large one over 10 cm. I had the worst period I had ever had, bleeding horribly & huge clots. Then it wouldn't stop. So I called my PCP & she had me take ibuprofen, which I did. It did finally stop & then a week later, I started bleeding again. She put me on provera, but the bleeding did not stop. Finally after about 5 or 6 weeks it stopped 2 days ago. I saw a gynocologist yesterday & he said I have to have surgery. Diagnostic laproscopy. He hopes he can take the cyst out that way, but due to the size, he said I may have to have a laparotomy (open surgery). He also is going to do a hysterscopy D&C, but thinks the bleeding is related to the cyst. When he was doing the pelvic, he said something about a mass on the right (but my cyst is on the left & the ultrasound didn't show anything on the right...?). I should have asked more about that. I was kinda shocked about it to be honest. Maybe I misunderstood. Anyway, he said my uterus is large. And that my thyroid is enlarged also. Lymph is fine.

So! I am worrying, but this is nothing, right? I know it has a possibility to being cancer, but rarely cysts are cancer, right? Has anyone had a cyst turn out to be ovarian cancer? Is there anything else I should be doing? I am just so anxious about this surgery, I have never had surgery, except for the scopes (colonoscopy/egd). How long are you out of work after these surgeries?

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