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I am so glad I found this board! I have been reading so much of everyone's experiences.

I go to a General Practitioner for my paps. In January I was told my PAP came back good, as it has for the last 22+ years. At the same time, my doctor had done the HPV/DNA test (that is the first time anyone has ever run that test). That came back positive for high risk HPV. I freaked out. I guess because of how I reacted she said we could wait 3 months and repeat the pap or send me for the Colposcopy.

A few weeks later, I went to a Ob/Gyn for the Colposcopy. She said she didn't see anything with it, but she did the ECC just for good measure. Man, oh, man did that hurt!

Those results came back atypical glandular epithelial lesions with adenocarcinoma in situ. There were some other things on the pathology report, but those are the things I remember right now.

I have read all I can read about AGC and AIS. That is how I came across this board. After reading all of the medical sites, I started reading all of the posts on this board. I have read so much, I am currently on page 53, dating back to February of 2006! LOL

I know AGC is less common than squamous cells. I know the cells tend to hide in the endocervical canal. I know that AIS isn't quite cancer, but some people say it is Stage 0 cancer others say it is above a CIN3. I guess it depends on who is reading the results. Perhaps it has to do with what else is on the report. I also know that AGC grow faster than squamous cells.

Anyway, after the ECC came back AIS, my gyn scheduled me for a cone biopsy. At the same time she did another ECC (I think), a D&C, and something else. Maybe it was a uterine biopsy (but doesn't the D&C give her that?).

I am now 3 days after the Cone/D&C. I've had some cramping and discomfort, but nothing several ibuprofen won't handle. I am not really bleeding, just "oozing".

My husband doesn't remember what the doctor said when she spoke to him after the procedure. All he remembers is "microscopic." I'm going to call her office tomorrow and ask them what the doctor told him. I'm also going to ask if she catheterized me. It was painful the first few times I urinated after the cone. While I'm on the phone with her office, I'll ask how long it takes to get pathology reports back. I'm hoping for a few days, but I've read it can take several weeks!! :(

I have a follow up appointment with her in 2 weeks to see how I'm healing.

What more can I do or read while I'm waiting for these results?

Anyway, I want to thank everyone in advance for all of the kind, compassionate, and wise words you have offered to those who have posted before me. Those words have reassured and encouraged so many more people than just the original poster. Thank you for all you have said in the past, and in advance of any help you may offer to me.
Hi Pickle Eyes...welcome to the board!

I'm normally just reading the boards, but wanted to reply to you....

As I read your story, it sounded very familiar, as this is exactly what I was going through last May. I too, had normal pap smears for as far as I could remember, and then I had my first abnormal one. I went in for the usual colposcopy, ECC, etc and it came back AIS. Of course, I was floored, since all my prior paps had been normal and I was not experiencing any of the symptoms that my doctor said that I should have (no pain during sex, no bleeding after sex, etc )

Anyways, I had my cold knife cone back in May of 2007...pathology came back clear margins and CIS, not AIS. My doctor had the pathology report read again, and it was the same...(BTW, I didn't find out results for 3 weeks...I figured if it were bad, they would have notified me sooner...but since they were good, they told me at my followup)

Since then I have had 2 follow up paps (Sept 07 and Dec 07) and they have both come back normal. (Thanks be to God) This past Monday, I went in for my 3rd follow up (and a surprise ECC...ouch!) Now, I'm waiting again..hoping for the best and hoping that the "normal" will be on this result as well.

The waiting is definitely the worse part of it all. My best advice is to just try to stay busy and positive. I know, that's easier said than done...but maybe hanging out with friends and family will give you exactly what you need to stay calm....deep breathing and exercise seem to help too....

My best wishes to you that all comes back clear...please keep us updated if you can...

Take care and God bless...


P.S. If you have any other questions that I may be able to answer, please let me know....

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