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Quick review of history, in January I was HPV positive with a clear pap. March, I had a clear colposcopy, but ECC (endocervical curettage) came back with atypical glandular epithelial lesions and adenocarcinoma IN SITU. The first week of April I had a cone biopsy, another ECC, a D&C, and an endometrial biopsy.

My doctor (a gyn) said the results would be back in 3-4 days. I called yesterday, and after a bit of telephone tag she said the endometrial and endocervical curettages were clear, but the cone biopsy had a 1mm x 1.6 mm (don't know how deep, I think less than 3mm) lesion. My margins were clear, but barely. She is recommending a simple hysterectomy.

She has also sent my slides and path reports to a gyn/onc for review. She said I don't need to go to see a gyn/onc for the hysterectomy because it is a simple hysterectomy. She said she can do it. She also said there was no lymph involvement (how does she know that?). I go back to her on Friday (6 days from now) for follow up appointment from the cone. I'll have PLENTY of questions for her at that point.

I am upset, but this is actually what I "felt" the diagnosis would be ever since my mid-March diagnosis of AGC and AIS.

My question is, I want a second opinion. Is the doctor's sending the information to a gyn/onc considered a 2nd opinion, without me every going to him/her? I want to SEE another doctor and talk with him/her.

This seems to have happened so fast.

What do I need to be looking up now? types of hysterectomies (abdominal vs. vaginal), tests prior to hyst., recovery from hyst., what else?

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