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It might have been the conversation with me. Skip lesions are are non-contiguous lesions, so there is the possibility of lesions beyond clear margins. It is a very rare occurrence of all types of adenocarcinomas, not just cervical.

I've been thinking about your situation. I have two questions. 1) Have you had consistently negative yearly paps since age 18, no unusual symptoms, and the HPV test was the only thing that alerted your doctor to the possibility that something was amiss? 2) Or, did you ever have an abnormal pap, even just once or twice?

The former situation is very rare and very unfortunate, and here, you may even want to examine your past path reports because they will (or should) note whether they are "satisfactory." What you want to see on the report is something along the lines of "satisfactory: endocervical and transformation zone cells present." (Because this is where most precancers show up: this loose rule applies to both squamous and glandular cells.) Consequently, unsatisfactory paps tell you very little because the sampling of cells is incorrect and/or inadequate.

The latter suggests the slight possibility of suboptimal follow-up, because an abnormal pap ALWAYS requires further examination, in that a negative colposcopy following the pap doesn't rule out all problems--an ECC as well as a vaginoscopy ought be performed also.

I don't mean to suggest in any way that anyone in your health care management dropped the ball, but rather to stress the importance of getting complete and accurate information. What's more important than your health, right? And since both the gyn and the pathologists are only human, just like the rest of us, don't you want to have as much information as possible?

Keep asking questions and build your physical and mental immune systems as strong as you can.

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