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Yes, it was you, Brieaukirsch! I've been reading so many things I forgot who said it.

Your first sitution is the case. Since I was 18 (or 20 - whenever I started having Paps), I've never been told my paps had anything wrong with them. It was "see you next year." The HPV results (just 3.5 months ago) was the only clue that something was wrong. And honestly, if I hadn't freaked out at that pathology report, I'd have waited 3 months and had another pap and/or colposcopy. I'm glad (in a weird sort of way) that I freaked out so I could have the colpo and ECC.

I never saw a pathology report (until I got the ok pap, positive for high risk HPV) until January. I'm learning to ask for those, then decipher them later.

I have not had a vaginoscope. I've only had a thin-prep pap (or the like), colposcopy, ecc, and cone biopsy. And now, I'm looking at a "simple hysterectomy" (cervix and uterus only).

I have an ever growing list of questions for my doctor. My task for tomorrow is to call insurance and find out about second opinions and find out about referrals to gyn/oncs. From what I can tell, there are only about 4-5 gyn/oncs in my city. I'm considering going to my parent's city (where there are a dozen or so). . . but that is just a wild-consideration right now.

Keep asking questions and build your physical and mental immune systems as strong as you can.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much for answering all of my questions. :angel: I am trying to prepare my mind for so many options. I hate being caught unaware - well, any more than I already have!

ACK, as I was proofreading my reply, you reminded me of *another* thread I need to start . . . about building the immune system!

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