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I didn't have a cone procedure, but I did have laser surgery for cervical carcinoma in situ (cancer which hasn't spread.) I know how nerve-wracking this all can be, but believe me, the anesthesia part is nothing.

I've had a total of seven surgeries or procedures where I was "put to sleep". (Actually, two of those were twilight sleep, but I wish they'd just gone ahead and put me totally to sleep.)

Before my first surgery, like you, I was scared to death at the thoughts of general anesthesia. I think the main part of that fear was the fear of the unknown. However, my fears were groundless, and after that surgery, I was never afraid of anesthesia again. In fact, the best part of any of my surgeries was getting several hours of uninterrupted sleep! :)

With all of my surgeries, they gave me something to calm me down and make me sleepy right before going into the OR. Then I was taken to the OR and they had me slide over onto the operating table. A nurse wrapped me up in a nice warm blanket (those operating rooms are freezing!) Then she'd put an oxygen mask over my mouth and nose. The anesthesiologist would be there, usually joking around with me. He'd tell me that I was going to have a nice sleep, then he'd start the medication through my IV. I'd blink my eyes a few time, then what seemed like the next second, I'd open my eyes and I'd be in the recovery room. I never knew anything that happened in between at all, and didn't care. It literally seemed that one minute I'd be in the OR, the next in recovery.

I wasn't scared when I woke up, and for the laser surgery, I had no pain at all, just a little very mild discomfort for the first day. I do have a tendency to get sick with anesthesia, but they usually give me something that helps prevent that.

Trust me, once you get through it, you'll wonder what you were ever afraid of.

Good luck and big hugs,

Hi I'm guessing you have already had your Cone Biopsy done. But I thought I would post a message anyway, and say hope your doing ok.
Here in Australia, they don't seem to do Cone Biopsies as much there. I had a LLETZ procedure done after having a biopsy done with local anaesthetic. I can tell you the LLETZ was done to remove the CIN III, which meant they cut away the area form my cervix. I would of preferred to be put under general anaesthetic, because having a local in the cervix was awful.
So I hope you on the road to recovery. I'm only new on here, and still catching up on the board, so I apologise if ive missed other messages from you.
Take care

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