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My answer've never known. CIN3 is still possible. (I have CIN3, HPV negative on the most recent pap)

I also read some article saying " CIN1 to CIN2" changes are not very clear on the pathology finding.....what they said is even though your biopsy report saying you have CIN3, you may actually have CIN1 or 2....or the other way around.

I had colop/biopsy done by the end of Oct last year, the result is LGSIL
(what a relief....but...look what's coming the next...)
1/21/08 pap, the result is HGSIL (CIN2), HPV negative
3/21/08 leep, CIN3.

They said from CIN1 to progress to cancer is a long process (takes years).....but in my case, CIN1 to CIN2 not even in 3 months, another 2 months -CIN3.

Is there anyone who can explain how the pathologist differetial from CIN1 to CIN3? Do they have cell counts or they just see by their eyes under micro (of course)?:confused:

Dear mommyandwifey, I hope I didn't scare you too much :D, but get a good gyno and close monitor your "cell changes":(.....hey, when did you have your latest pregnancy?(it plays a role in my case)....,eat healthy/ plenty of sleep (spend too much endless nights of this topic will not help your immune sys):D

Keep us update:)

Hey Mommyandwifey, you didn't answer my question.....when is your last pregnancy? how old are your two little ones? (mine are 4 yrs and 20 mons, I am 39)

I've got ASCUS after my first born....and it got worst after my second son.(ASC-can't exclude HGSIL)

I've never been tested HPV negative before (Never ONCE positive in my life). It is a little hard to swallow for me when everyone is talking about HPV virus cause cervical desplasia. I am none-smoker...very family history of cervical/ovarian cancer. 1 LEEP this March .(no more I hope)

If I can explain why I stay where I am now....
1 conclusion-
HR HPV usually active in the first 2 years then becomes inactive after is possible I might have this virus ten years ago (it is too hard to trace where/when I got), and been attacked after my pregnancy ( low immune sys).

2nd coclusion-
I am not very convinced about my CIN3. As I said before, CIN1-CIN3 is not very significant in pathology findings. I am more appreicated if the pathologist could give me some more hard evidence (rather then only seeing by their eyes):confused:.

I don't think you should worry at this point......the best thing of this is learning and having much healthier life style for us and our family.

another mommyandwifey,

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