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My doctor didn't refused to prescribe any birth control for me after my LEEP. He said the hormones can cause the problem to become worse. You may want to ask your doctor about this.

As far as LEEP results go, if you don't understand him/her don't feel stupid for asking them to put it in more "simple" terms. Sometimes it can be a lot to take in and I don't always understand all the termanology my doctor gives me. Luckily I have a very good relationship with him so I am very comfortable telling him I need a better explanation.

I also agree with mommyandwifey, you need to know your dysplasia grade (mild, moderate, severe) and your HPV status. These do play a factor. I also agree with everything else she had to say. Educate yourself and if you are not comfortable with your doctor do not hesitate to "shop around". Being comfortable is very important, this is your health your talking about.

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