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Mommy has given you some great advice. I'm not going to repeat anything she said. I *do* want to add a bit to her last paragraph. I am only talking from my personal experience and what I've read.

There are 2 types of cells in the cervix: squamous cells and glandular cells. Squamous cells are closer to the vagina. Glandular cells are closer to the uterus. Atypical squamous cells can generally be seen and treated from the ectocervix (outside). Glandular cells "hide" in the endocervical canal (inside the donut hole - that's what I call it).

Atypical squamous cells grow from one cell to the next and spread out that way. The atypical squamous cells are slower growing. Most women who have atypical cervical cells have squamous cells.

Atypical glandular cells "skip" over cells. You can have a leision here, then over there, and then in a totally different area all together. They grow faster than squamous cells.

My suggestion is if a doctor is going to do a colposcopy and the diagnosis is high risk HPV, then I HIGHLY suggest asking for an ECC. The endcervical curettage scrapes the inside of the cervix (that donut hole) and scrapes out cells. It can find squamous cells and the elusive glandular cells. It hurts for a few minutes having it done, but it is far far better (my humble opinion) to know if there is a problem in the canal.

I say all of this because I was diagnosed with high risk HPV in January. In March I had my colposcopy and did an ECC. My paps have always come out fine. The colposcopy looked great. She did the ECC just to see if there was anything in the canal (that might give the +HPV diagnosis). BINGO! Adenocarcinoma in situ (CINIII+). I later had a cone biopsy which came back with endocervical adenocarcinioma Ia1. This is one of the lowest stages of cancer. It is treated by only a hysterectomy (uterus and cervix) No chemo, no radiation, no removing ovaries.

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