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I should preference this by saying I am no expert so I'm only sharing my opinions based on my abnormal PAP. I won't comment on the uterus and ovary portion because I simply don't have experience there.

The PAP result was ASCUS (atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance). ASCUS is the mildest form of abnormality. The levels are Normal, ASCUS, Low grade dysplasia (CIN I), Moderate dysplasia, severe dysplasia, Carcinoma in situ (CIS) and Cancer of the cervix. So, ASCUS is the mildest form. That said, the significance of the abnormality is Undetermined thus the US in ASCUS. Now, this is where HPV status comes in. In my case I was HPV negative and so they had me repeat the pap at 3 mos. Again I was ASCUS HPV neg. I repeated at 6 mos--again ASCUS w/ HPV neg. So originally they watched it but by the third ASCUS, DR wanted a closer look via colposcopy. In your case, you are HPV positive so they will likely go straight to colposcopy to determine the significance (i.e. mild abnormality or dysplasia- pre cancerous abnormality) . Once that's determined, they decide how to proceed. My understanding is for anything CIN1 and below (i.e. atypia), they watch but for anything higher they go to Leep, freezing etc to removal the abnormality. Now, because of the positive HPV test, they may not wait and watch at CIN 1.

Now on to how you got HPV. The vast majority of sexually active adults have or have had HPV. As I said above I tested negative BUT that was negative for HIGH RISK HPV...I could still be positive for low risk (non cancerous causing) HPV. Some people fight off the virus over the course of a year or two. Others, those over 30, may have a slightly more difficult time fighting it off. This is not necessarily a case of infidelity. You and/or your husband could have been infected long before you met. This virus could have laid dormant for years and is now wrecking havoc. The bottom line is you have no way of determining how you got it nor who gave it to you...unless you were both virgins before. I would recommend not wasting energy and risk a feud over something you simply can not prove. Right now I'd recommend that you focus on getting the uterus/ cervical issues resolved.

After all of that I should add (partly for you and reassurance for myself), I'm told that cervical cancer/ dysplasia is a very slow progressing disease although I'm sure there are stories out there of people who progressed quickly. There are many opportunities to catch it at the pre cancerous stages (i.e CIN I, CIN II, CINIII) and even at the CIS (Carcinoma In situ which means it hasn't spread--It means cancer in its place). These are all treatable stages.... THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS FOLLOW UP THOUGH....YOU MUST KEEP UP WITH PAPS, DR APPTS ETC. Sorry for the long response. hope it helps and hopefully someone will chime in on the uterus/ ovarian portion. I'm sure your DR will look at all the issues in total to determine the best plan for you. Keep in touch!

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