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Hi everyone. I am brand new to this and began to seek this site out after my diagnosis appointment. In Feb. I had an abnormal pap with abnormal squamous cells. I had no clue what that was. I was then referred at "high level" to an OBGYN for a colposcopy/biopsy. Wow was that painful. It looked like a murder scene. After the biospy the dr. told me I was at CIN II. 2 weeks later my biopsy results were in (4/23). The dr. told me that biopsy showed that I was actually at CIN III, not II. She then said the next step (due to my age) would by cryosurgery. She said that most often the next step would be the LEEP but due to my age (24), it would be best for future reproduction if we froze the cervix instead. Following the freeze, I would need a colposcopy every 4 months w/ possible biospies and maybe a cone biopsy. She then told me that I needed to determine if I wanted children. If so, she recommended that I get pregnant within the year following the cryosurgery.

I am really scared. What do you think of this? The dr. believes that I won't be able to have kids if I wait until after all of my treatments. Apparently scar tissue will build and conception will be extremely difficult, even impossible. I do have a long term boyfriend and we are on the cusp of marriage. We also both want kids. This isn't the type of decision you make overnight but I am being forced to make it rather quickly. What do you think?

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