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I totally agree with the advice these other ladies are giving you. As difficult as it seems at the moment, try not to freak out over something that may turn out to be harmless. An enlarged uterus is most commonly due to uterine fibroids (benign tumours which are present in 20-50% of all women). As to the mass on your ovary, most ovarian cysts, even solid ones, are benign. Keep in mind that if the cyst is solid, you may have to undergo a laparoscopy (a day surgery with a very short recovery time) in order to remove it. I personally know at least three people who have had large complex cysts which turned out to be benign. As one lady said, ovarian cancer is extremely rare (1 in 80 women) and symptomatic benign cysts mimic cancer symptoms (which doesn't help matters).

Sit down at the computer and write down a few of the most important questions that are of concern to you and that you wish to discuss with your doctor. You may also wish to have a copy of the radiology report which actually describes your ovarian mass. Usually the way a cyst looks on an ultrasound says a lot.

Try to hang in there as best you can. If you can somehow keep your mind occupied by doing something that you enjoy, while you are awaiting your appointment, this would help a lot.

Best Wishes.

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