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I think Cervicitis and CIN are two distinct situations meaning you can have one without the other. Cervicitis sounds like an infection of the cervix and infections can cause cellular changes and result in an abnormal PAP probably an ASCUS result. I don't believe the changes it would cause would result in CINII. Dysplasia which is categorized CIN I, CIN II and CINIII is usually caused by HPV. HPV is considered a sexually transmitted disease but is very common...I read as common as the common cold.

So probably what occurred is when your DR. did the colpo, he/she biopsied a few areas. When the pathologist looked at the biopsy, they determined that some of the abnormal areas were the result of infection (i.e. cervicitis) and the other abnormal areas were actually dysplasia (CINII).

With regard to progression to cancer. I don't believe Cervicitis would progress to Cancer. However, dysplasia (CIN II) can progress if it a) doesn't regress on its own or b)isn't treated via cryo, LEEP etc. . Progression is usually slow and with good follow up allows a great opportunity to stop the progression and remove the abnormal cells. So..keep up with your appointments and you'll be fine.

I would ask the Dr a few questions like: What is my HPV status? What were the results of my initial PAP? How many biopsies did you take? Did the biopsy include an ECC (Endocervial Curretage)? Can I have a copy of my pathology report? What is our plan to manage this?

Hope this helps. Take care.:angel:

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