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Re: What The Hey?!
May 9, 2008
Very informative replies Ladies, I know I can always learn a thing or two from you all. Also thanks for explaining the difference between LEEP & Cone

Melgreeneyes- The doctor said I have moderate dysplasia, which is CIN II, right? I'm 24, have no children, and I am HPV positive. So, being that I have moderate dysplasia, I was kind of wondering why the doctor just jumped right toward a cone biopsy after the results of the tissue they had taken from my cervix during a colposcopy came back abnormal.

I'd never heard of any of the other treatments for moderate dysplasia, until I started researching, and like I stated before I feel I agreed to all the risks surgery brings, and the potential possibility of not being able to carry a child to full term unnecessarily, considering that the doctor didn't give me any other alternatives, but then again, she could have had good reasons, unbeknownst to me though.

I won't say that I didn't maybe miss a few things, about why she was specifically going to perform a cone biopsy, but I do know.. no other options were thrown out to me.

Its done and over with now, so theres nothing I can do about it obviously, except learn that I have to tug at that invisible leash around a doctors neck, with question after question, instead of letting them tug me around.

See you Gals around.


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