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Re: Ultrasound
May 21, 2008
Hi Bernice,
I read your posts and thought I'd add my experience. I had very similar ultrssoud reports for about 2 years - I kept getting cysts over and over again. It seemed like when one or two resolved I had one or two new ones. I also have three (or so) fibroids. I was going in for ultrasouds every 4 - 6 months. I aslo had 4 ca125 tests - all within normal range.
My GYN insisted that since the cysts were eventually resolving on thier own that I shouldn't worry about them - although that's easy for her to say when she keeps me coming in for more tests. She did say that I could have my ovaries removed, but felt is wasn't necessary. I'm done with children and not too far from menopause anyway, so I considered it, but thought I would give it a little more time.

I had my last ultasound last August and everything was normal - no more cysts and my endometrial stripe was no longer thickened (I had two biopsies for that also - they were both normal). i still have the fibriods - but I hear that these shrink in menopause.

My next appointment is scheduled for this August - WOW - 1 whole year - that's the longest break I've had from this. Also - I am starting to skip periods - I'll be 50 this year - so I'm thinking that all these issues are from all the hormonal changes I've been going through - at the time of all this my periods where getting closer together - so I'm glad it's going the other way now.


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