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So, I had a LEEP today for CIN III with glandular involvement. This diagnosis came as a shock to me having been in amonogamous relationship for seven years with all previous normal PAP tests. Although I wasn't tested for HPV, I know this dx means I have it. At first it was a shock, now I feel more public education is needed. I really thought I was in the clear.
Anyway, back to the procedure...I requested local anesthetic even though my MD wanted me to use general anesthesia, but thanks to these boards I knew that a lot of women used a local without problems and I opted for that. The idea of general anesthesia worrried me more than the procedure. Maybe it's the idea of losing control, not knowing what's going on in the room and with my body, and anesthesia itself has its own basket of risks.
My doctor didn't seem very happy that I wanted a local and kept stressing that I COULD NOT move or he might nick my bladder. I promised him time and again I would not move. Then he told me to bring an IPOD because the electrical unit would make a loud noise that might bother me. Okay, this kind of offended me - I want to know what's going on, hello!
So, The OR nurse was great, she explained everything and gave me arm blankets immediately. They placed my legs in stirrups and kept asking if I was comfortable. Then in came the MD everything went well. The worst part was the speculum. He didn't use lubricant and he forcefully jammed it in there. With the statement, "I have to open you wider than in the office." But, I didn't move.
Then the lidocane with epinephine 1% 20mls. This cause my heartrate to go from 60's to 90's for about 1 minute. I did at this time feel a little ill. I was placed in Trendelenburg at this time, the nurse said I looked a little pasty, I felt my upper lip sweating. But I knew what was going on, the mounted parts of the OR lights were reflective and I could see everything he was doing, so I felt bette and more in control, which was my issue, obvioulsy.
He also did an endocervical currettage. I asked to see the biopsy samples after the procedure, and after he left the room, but I couldn't see how big that piece was. The LEEP piece seemed normal to me although I really have no idea. The only other thing I remember is shaking uncontrollably, it started in my legs, and then into my lower back and then my whole body. It was uncontrollable, and I was really worried because I kept thinking, " I hope this doesn't compromise my bladder"
The nurse at one point asked me if I was nervous or cold. I didn't feel nervous, and I was only a little chilly, later she said it probaly was the lido with epi. - I never expected that feeling, just be ready for it, yuck. Oh, and then the removal of the speculum. No lubrication going in, meant pain coming out. It hurt so bad. It was stuck to me.
My vaginal canal hurt all day, it's been 13 hours later and I am still burning slightly. I don't know if he couldn't give me lubrication because of the electricity, but that was the worst. I remeber telling the recovery nurse I wanted a fan on me.
All in all I'm glad I was awake, I was in and out in about an hour. Only some slight discharge. No cramping (just burning) (I've been taking motrin). I just want to be dysplasia free and have happy healthy pregnancies!!!

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