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Hi Glowing4!

I had a cold knife cone April 4th under general anesthesia. I was nauseated at the hospital, but they gave me meds for that right away and I was ok in about 30 minutes. I don't remember any more cramping than a regular period's cramping, and I don't normally cramp very much. I bled for 2 days, then I "oozed" (ok, medical lingo is "had a discharge") for about 2 weeks.

My doctor did a cold knife cone (CKC) because I was diagnosed with atypical glandular cells; they were further up into the endocervical canal. My doctor said the CKC preserves the edges of the biopsy. This means the doctor knows if the margin is clear or not. LEEPs and LLETZ (is that the correct abbreviation - I don't know the words for it, sorry!) singe/burn the edges of the sample so they can't tell about the margins. When my doctor did the CKC she also did a LEEP afterwards to cauterize where she cut. She did/had planned to put a tiny stitch or two in if she needed to cut off further bleeding. I also think the cone can take a larger sample than a LEEP.

Now, why did I have the CKC? I was diagnosed high risk HPV in January 2008. I was sent to a gynecologist for a colposcopy and possible biopsy. The colposcopy looked great and she didn't need to take any samples. Since everything looked good, but she knew I was hrHPV, she did an endocervical curettage (ECC). This scrapes the endocervical canal and samples for atypical cells. That came back adenocarcinoma in situ (highest stage of precancer). From that my gyn said I needed the CKC.

I've since been diagnosed (from the CKC) with endocervical adenocarcinoma Ia1. If feel blessed that my doctor did the ECC which allowed her to diagnose my cancer so early. My only treatment will be a hysterectomy (uterus and cervix only). I keep my ovaries and tubes. I don't need any chemo or radiation.

My suggestion to you is to ask your doctor about doing an ECC with your next colposcopy. I also suggest you ask about the doctor doing a LEEP after the cone to reduce the bleeding (if he/she chooses the CKC).

Did you ever know what your diagnosis was, especially your most recent one? You can still ask for your biopsy report. It may help make things make more sense.

My best to you. Please check back with us and let us know how things go!

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