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Re: LEEP scheduling
May 29, 2008
I don't think I had the ECC done, I will make sure the OB/GYN does that. I have been making a list of question for when I go to my consultation, as not to forget anything. I am just really impatient when it comes to having something to do. I prefer to do everything as soon as possible and for this I feel the waiting places more stress in the worrying department. You provided a lot of information that is helpful, so thank you for that. Really I can ask all of the questions I want, but my main stresses are the procedure, pain factor, and results of the tissues being sent for further testing. I don't even know what I am worried about-the idea that if left untreated cancer is a possibility, or the fact that cancer can lead to the inability to have children-to which I currently have none. Tell a girl at almost any age that she will never have children and it hits her heart like a war hammer. Even though I am not ready to have kids right now, the idea that if this progresses and further treatments take away my options of a family, it still really really gets to me. Does any of this even make sense? Arg, I say..arg.

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