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Had my LEEP today
Jun 4, 2008
Hi - I had my LEEP today - and it went very, very well.

I got to the surgical floor at 11AM. The facility is in a large bldg, same bldg my doctor's office is in. I registered with the front desk - they took my insurance info and copy of my card etc.

I was then brought back to the area where you get a semi- private room, sort of like the rooms they have in an emergency room, with curtains. The nurse asked me some questions, hooked me up to my IV, I got in my gown, and was all set. I met with the anesthesiologist who asked me a few questions, then next an OR nurse came in and asked me some questions. She told me who my 2 OR nurses would be. Next my doctor/surgeon came in. We spoke about what I was getting - a LEEP of cervical tissue, I signed my release. I asked a few questions - such as can he tell when he takes the ECC if there will be additional tissue that needs to come off, and he said no and he really does not think that will be the case anyway.

He said in 5 days the results will be back - meaning, clear or unclear margins, result of ECC, and if there is any actual 'cancer' or just dysplasia. He told me if the ECC showed Adenocarcinoma in situ - that my treatment remained the same as highgrade dysplasia - and we would repeat this procedure. My guess is it would be more aggressive though. He said nothing about a hysterectomy and I asked if I did have to have that done, could I wait until the fall and he said absolutely. If I do not need another procedure, I return in 3-4 months for another exam - and I believe another ECC.

He told me no baths or tampons for 2 weeks, no intercourse for 4. I am to return in four weeks where he will examine me and give me the okay to resume all other activities. I just had my period so I am not due for 3 weeks from this Saturday - I think I will hold off on using a tampon that time - just incase.

He told me I probably won't spot for a few days - and then it typically begins. He said if I bleed like a normal period - that is normal but if I have to change my pad frequently or if it is bugging me - to come back in. He said sometimes certain blood vessels are stubborn and continue to bleed - and he will take care of it in the office.

I was wheeled into the OR - I got on the table, the anesthesiologist told me I was going to start to feel nice and relaxed, and then I went to sleep - woke up in the recovery room. My Mom came in - I had coffee and raisin toast with butter and I left an hour later. All total I was there 3 hours.

I have VERY minimal cramping - am allowed to take Advil or Motrin. The cramps are not even as bad as typical period cramps.

So that is my story! As I was told by many, many other women - the LEEP was a very simple procedure. That said - I am glad I was asleep as I am not the type who wants to be awake for that sort of thing.

Any questions - please ask!

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