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Hi..sorry for the delayed response. I have a history of ASCUS results but negative for HPV. ASCUS means Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance. This is the mildest grade of abnormality. It's borderline normal but not quite. If you are HPV negative twice, Dr's will generally suggest you return to annual exams (although I probably wouldn't accept that...maybe 6 mos but not a year). Anyway, if you are ASCUS/HPV positive, I believe they repeat the pap in 3 mos and follow you closely. If at 3 mos (or 4 in your case) you are still abnormal with HPV positive, they will likely proceed to LEEP again.

I do not know the risks with regard to pregnancy and stitching etc. I've heard of Dr's encouraging patients to hurry and get pregnant followed by a more testing and/or invasive procedure (hysto). Although, like you, it was difficult to wait 3 mos for my repeat pap, I can't imagine waiting 9 mos for a pregnancy to pass knowing something needs attention. For me, that would make for a stressful pregnancy. In any case, I am sure for gyne's this is manageable so like Pickle suggested I would be frank with the Dr and ask him/her what your options are and the risks associated with each option.

The very best to you. Take care.

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