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Re: Leep
Jun 9, 2008
[QUOTE=newpatient485;3601741]Ok, so basically it SHOULD get rid of it all, but they're checking it to make sure? .[/QUOTE]

I think it is safer to say "hopefully" it will removed the bad cells. It depends on how much it has spread and how large it is (if there is any).

I had a cold knife cone (similar to LEEP*) and the results came back adenocarcinoma Ia1 (early stage cancer) with unclear margins. Because the margins were not clear, I have been referred to a gyn/oncologist and will be having a hysterectomy (next Wednesday) as my only treatment for the cancer. I will not need chemo or radiation.

*Cold knife cone is similar to a LEEP or LLETZ. The LEEP/LLETZ cuts the tissue with a laser, which also cauterizes the blood vessels as it cuts. The cauterization reduces post-procedure bleeding. HOWEVER, the LEEP/LLETZ burns the edges of the tissue which means the doctor/pathologist cannot see the margins of the sample. That means the doctor/pathologist doesn't know if the margins are clear or not.

I've read that some doctors never do cold knife cones or never does LEEP. I've read some doctors will perform one or the other - if the doctor thinks he/she is dealing with cancer, the cone will be chosen because of the ability to see margins. My doctor actually did the cone, then she went back over it with the LEEP machine/device to cauterize the edges and reduce post-procedure bleeding. I was very pleased with the recovery time after my cone.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I'll do my best to answer any questions I can.

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