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Re: Leep
Nov 28, 2008
Hi, I'm from London too! I also have CINIII had a colp and biopsy last week, and am also having a loop cone biopsy next Sat 6th Dec. He said he will be probably removing half of my cervix, which is really scary.. he said results from first biopsy are that it's not invasive, but pre-cancerous. It's so scary cos, all my past smears have always been negative/clear. Even some private ones I had for other reasons, around 2-3 years ago, you wonder why your body has this in it? It's the wierdest feeling, and I feel a bit sick worrying about it. But just want it out, so am looking forward to Saturday! Will keep you posted on my recovery/results etc. How did you all find the recovery? I am going home that day as a day-case. He said there will be bleeding for up to 3-4 weeks. The waiting is awful too!:(

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