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I have less than a week before I have my hysterectomy.

Yesterday I went to my very first gastroenterologist appointment. She decided that I needed a colonoscopy TODAY! I went into an emotional tail spin. I've been doing the colon prep-stuff since noon yesterday. :(

Today I work on the house and chores (between trips to the restroom), then this afternoon I go for my very first colonoscopy.

Friday (tomorrow, the 13th) is my pre-op ultrasound, then appointment with my doctor, then head to the hospital to do paper work, meet the anesthelogist, and get blood work done.

Saturday and Sunday finish up all of the (ever increasing) list of chores and errands that I need to do, and spend some quality time with my husband . . . :)

Monday the 16th my parents come into town. I plan to spend some alone-time before they get here.

Tuesday the 17th (at 7am) is my second cold knife cone biopsy at day surgery.

Wednesday the 18th (at 1pm) is my laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH) with 2-3 nights stay in the hospital.

I am trying to stay focused and not panic. I guess I'm doing ok. Heck, my oncologist's nurse said I'm doing well. I called her this morning to make sure it was ok to have the colonoscopy this close to the hysterectomy. She said sure. When I told her I was trying to not bug her too much she said I was doing fine. I translated that to, "I haven't called her as much as other patients have." When I said that, she just laughed. I guess it is true! :) I told her I found an online community that has done a good job of answering my questions so I didn't have to bug her. She repeated, "You are doing fine. You'll get through this fine." I took a huge sigh and told her I needed to hear that. She repeated it before we hung up the phone.

Anyway, I'm writing to update those of you who might be following my journey AND to ask for any and all prayers, well wishes, lighting of candles, messages sent to the universe, whatever. If I may be so presumptious as to ask for you to pray for the doctor to have clear eyes, sure hands, find/do whatever she needs to find/do so that I am healthy, that my family members (and I) have peace and understanding, that this procedure bring the family closer together and to bless us, and those we meet. Lastly, I ask for prayers of health and a speedy, complication-free recovery.

I so appreciate all of you wonderful women (there aren't any guys here, are there?). You have been so supportive and comforting. You are all in my prayers, too!

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