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[QUOTE=greenfairy84;3620908]Hello, I recently was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia from HPV. I don't know what strain or level of dysplasia I have. So my Dr. scheduled an appt for Cryosurgery on 6/27/08. when I went in for the biopsy I was told that there was a very small faint area that was abnormal. I've reading online the side effects of this procedure and the other options avail. I'm not sure if my dr. does the laser ablation (maybe due to cost) but read that it is the most effective procedure to remove any bad cells and less cervical scarring, also if I have a reocurrance it will be easier to treat 2nd time around. If My Dr. does not offer the laser ablation should I maybe ask for a Dr that does or try to find one? I'm only 23yrs old and to have this so earily is very scary and depressing. I worry that it could reocure and I would regret not having gotten the best treatment avail in the 1st place. Does anyone know if I would be able to recieve the laser ablation through another Dr. than the one treating me without going through the whole process of testing again? I have very good health Ins. but do not know if i would be covered to have to re do all over again within 6 wks.[/QUOTE]

What kind of doctor are you seeing - a routine gyno or an gynocological oncologist? If you had a biopsy that you most certainly should be able to find out what stage your cervical dysplasia is at! I was not offered laser and I've read some negative things about it actually and that it is rarely used.

After i found out i had a 2nd abnormal pap and had highrisk HPV from my routine gyno - who recommended a colposcopy - - I went straight to a gynocological oncologist for my colposcopy and biopsy. Once results were in i got a copy of the path report and spoke to him over the phone. I had CIN II - and whether I had CIN II or III - he recommended a LEEP which is what I had. He also said regardless of my age or potential plans to have a child (I am 42 and have never had kids) he would recommend the LEEP.

I had my LEEP 3 weeks ago today - under sedation, basically I went to sleep but it was not general anesthesia and I did not require a breathing tube. I had NO complications or side effects - the ONLY evidence I had of the surgery was the stuff they use to prevent bleeding - which came out a week later and very moderately - i never even spotted. I got my results a week after the procedure - and he got totally clear margins, all was fine.

I return in one more week for a recheck of him to just look at the cervix to be sure I am healing - and I can then resume all other activities (using tampons, taking baths, swimming and intercourse.)

When I go next week he will tell me when I am to return for my next pap - but I think it will be 3 months.

From what i've read cryo is typically used for very very moderate dysplasia - CIN I only - - or used for warts if you have lowrisk HPV. If you have doubts I'd seek another opinion before going ahead with it.

Best - Mel

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