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Please lend an ear, a shoulder...any advice! Advance apologies for long post...

I'm 40, a single mom, with 4 sons. I am a multiple skin cancer survivor, and I am currently undergoing surgeries and chemo follow-up for sqamous cell cancer, which has possibly added to my current confusion. I also have a history of melanoma & years ago 1 precancerous breast lumpectomy---1 benign breast lumpectomy.

Just over a month ago I noticed left sided groin pain, radiating into my hip and even down my leg. The pain is severely worsened upon sitting in the car or a straight chair. A week after the pain began, I had another skin biopsy on the shin of that leg and so I assumed it would be positive and the groin pain was the skin cancer having spread to the lymph node. The pain was so unbearable it was keeping me up at night, so I went to see my rheumatologst, thinking it could be arthritis. She said no, and confirmed there was lymph node swelling, advised heat and rx'd pain relievers. The skin biopsy came back as precancerous...but the groin pain continued. I called my rheumatologist, she advised going to see a lymphoma dr. By this time, I had noticed my abdomin looking bloated even though I have lost some weight, my kids keep asking me if I'm pregnant. And for about a week I've had gas that seems completely unrelated to what I've been eating. So much so (I know, I much info) that several times I have farted as I have had orgasm, which has never happened before. I went in to see my gyno yesterday. My period had just ended, (they have been slightly irregular the last several months) and I'm not certain if the pain is slightly better or if I'm getting used to it or if because I take the pain pills----you know??? So, I really don't want anything to be wrong, and now I'm worried that I may have down played this to him. He did the pelvic exam and when he touched my left ovary, I screamed, bit my hand to keep from kicking him and literally cried, tears running down my cheeks.
He did an ultrasound and said he didn't see anything. And the lymph nodes in my groin are no longer swollen.
He suggested that I probably had a cyst, that it ruptured on it's own and that the pain is now slowly starting to feel better and would resolve. Call him if it doesn't or if it worsens. I felt a huge sense of relief and couldn't wait to leave.
But since then...the pain has been worse. I've been telling myself it's because he manipulated my painful ovary. That I had to sit in the car in traffic for too long today...But let's face it, I'm worried. I slept well last night, and I crashed out for a 2 hour nap mid-day...could not stay awake. 2 of my kids have noticed and asked why the whites of my eyes seem yellow. (???) My left leg is still stiff and sore, my youngest subconsciously rubbed by swollen belly while in line at the market this afternoon and said he's always wanted 2 sisters.

And then, I read Gilda Radner's story, about how she was 40 and had very similar symptoms as I am having, was given a ultrasound and told there was nothing they could see...yada yada yada...

I've told myself I'm going to give it until Friday and then call my gyno back. If the pain continues, is it possible to request that he goes in and removes the ovary? Or is that psycho? Here is what I am looking for from women with experience:
What were your symptoms? Was it difficult to diagnose? How would you advise me?

Thank you so much for your patience, support and answers,


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