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The previous post was pretty spot on accurate ( Thanks Pickle Eyes!!)
..I'll share my story.. as this is exactly my situation.
Im 39 - married- no children. Diagnosed AIS in April- Had cold knife cone biopsy on 4-17-08 with ECC and Endometrial Biopsy also, CKC margins were involved ...everything else was clear but still AIS. Repeated same procedure on 6-13- results now negative per MD - pathology report. MD said that by definition (IN SITU) - means its local- so there is less of a chance it has migrated elsewhere...had I not discovered this when I did- I'd probably be facing a more serious case.
Doctors typically recommend hysterectomy for Adenocarcinoma- but as Pickle Eyes said- yu may be able to avoid that by doing what I did- My MD agreed with my decision since Im trying to maintain fertility ( last hope!). We pursued the cold knife version of the cone biopsy - my MD stated it was the least preferred by surgeons since its the most difficult for them to do ( Bleeding)...but even at that only takes 15 minutes to do under general anesth.....however- its the most accurate and neat way to do this. LEEP using electrical/heat- tends to cauterize as it goes which while making the job neater- also damages the tissue left behind as well as the edges of the sample taken..
It is true that this can leade to an incompetant cervix in which case your wife would receive frequent monitoring and they can peform a Circlage' ( to keep the cervix closed) if needed.
Good LUCK to you and wife- hope this info helps.

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