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Re: Worried
Jul 10, 2008
Hi there! Sorry you even have a need for this board but we're glad you're here. So let's jump on in. There are a few things that aren't exactly clear from your post. So I'll ask them and if you know the answers...great. If not, add them to your list for the Dr.

1. If you're at the stage of having LEEP, then I assume you've had a PAP and a Colpo?? Is so, what were the results of each specifically (i.e. CIN I, CINII, CINIII etc)?

2. Did the colpo include an ECC? That's when the ECC would have been done most likely. What were the results?

3. Where was the dysplasia or in other words how much of the cervix is involved (depth and breadth)? That will give you an idea of how much they need to take of the cervix with the LEEP and gets at your questions regarding pregnancy.

4. What is the Dr's anticipated plan over the next year (i.e. number and frequency of follow ups etc.). This will give you an idea of this Dr's aggressiveness and overall "feelings" on this situation. Dysplasia gives rise for concern to some Dr's and others take a more laid back position kinda like "oh this happens all the time" . You have to decide which personality works best for you.

The Dr. will feed off of you many times. If you ask detailed questions, they are more likely to think you understand and will provide you with greater detail and technical information (i.e we took x biopsies plus ECC. Path shows CIN1 at this site with ......"). Otherwise they may give you very general information like "it's on the surface with a little bit going further down". Every one is different so only you can decide the amount of detail you want.

As an aside (and you probably know this but just in case)--A pap is simply when they swipe the cervix with a q-tip to get a sample of cervical cells. It is a screening only.

A colpo is diagnostic and it is when they wash the cervix with a vinegar solution, look at it with a special light which will cause abnormal sites on the face of the cervix to turn white. If there are abnormal sites, they will biopsy those areas. Many Dr's even with a normal colpo will still choose to do an ECC which is further up the cervical canal.

Hope this helps and I'm sure someone will stop by to add more.
Re: Worried
Jul 10, 2008
Thanks ladies! I actually didn't call today, it's been a hectic month for me. Hopefully I should be calling tomorrow. I'm not sure on any specs, I don't think I was ready to think about that at my appointment. I have had a pap and colpo, there was only one small area that was biopsied and again, I'm not sure what level it is. I opted for the LEEP because to me it sounded the best, have any of you had one? I would like experiences. She asked if I wanted to do it in the hospital under general anesthesia or in the office with local anesthesia. I'm not sure which would be best really (scared of anesthesia since my mom has bad reactions to it). I'm trying to get a feel for what I have to look forward to in the coming months. I will get back as soon as I have more detailed information and have included in my list of questions what kind of dysplasia, size of area, was an ECC done, etc.
Re: Worried
Jul 14, 2008
So I feel a bit more relieved. I called in to see if I could ask questions over the phone (since I live far from the office) or if I'd have to come in to ask. The nurse actually took the questions and then got back to me with chart in hand to answer. The only thing that was never answered is prediction type of questions because she said it's easiest to wait until we have pathology reports after the LEEP. I asked about the cold knife cone (to preserve edges) vs. LEEP and she said that the doctor tries to decide that during the LEEP depending on the area and how "contained" it is in one spot. From what I remember, it was a very small area, the doc said smaller than a pin head, so that may have an effect. As far as future plans, I will have a 6 week checkup where we will decide how my cervix is healing and how often we need to re-pap, every 3 or 6 mos. We are also going to stay on track with keeping an eye on it. To get copies of my results, I am waiting until I go in for my pre-op visit (only $25 and sign release form). I did have an ECC during my colpo and she says all results were benign. I also have mild to moderate dysplasia (CIN I - CIN II). Do you know more about those stages? She says that she is not sure of the size but the doc should be able to tell me when I go in for pre-op. Now I'm just praying and waiting to get scheduled.

The idea of writing a list helped, even over the phone, since I was able to write in all my answers. I asked a lot of questions I didn't know I had thanks to your suggestions. A lot of my worries about pregnancy were also answered since she said there are "fixes" for either scarring or incontinent cervix. Also, we should be able to start TTC after a good pap or two. The procedure will either be done in office or in hospital depending on ease with scheduling, but both will be done under anesthesia (good, I'm scared of pain!).

I feel so much better with my questions asked. Now the waiting game continues.
Re: Worried
Jul 14, 2008
Hi there Deepintheheart...sorry you have had to find these boards but glad yu did- they are very very helpful here. :angel:
You have gotten great advice from Mommy and Pickle. Since everyone's experience is different -- I'll add mine in case you will find it helpful.
My dx was Adenocarcinoma in Situ after a bad pap, and positive colposcopy.
I have had 2 cold knife cones under general anesthesia ( 4/17 and 6/13) with absolutley zero pain and complications post operatively. I have never had a problem with anesthesia like you mentioned your mother had so I was not worried about that part. Personally- you could not pay me to do a CKC under general in an matter what anyone says....I would never take the chance. The coloposcopy and ECC/cytology done in the office was enough for me. Your only under for about 15 minutes when they do it- it is more nervewracking leading up to it than actually going thru it.
I had my follow up exams at 4 weeks and my dr used stitches versus the leep to minimize bleeding; which are still dissolving at this time- however I am cleared for "normal activities" ;) .
Initially- I was told I would need a hysterctomy but- I am 39- and have no children ; I was interested in preserving fertility. So we opted to pursue this course. As of right now the second biopsy was negative- so we can assume the first biopsy got it all out... the plan is to have another colposcopy in 3 months. In the meantime- the plan is to get really aggressive with TTC.
If the cervix turns out to be incompetant- they can perform a circlage' to keep it closed up tight until delivery. But this isnt likely given the amount of tissue that was removed.
I hope this info helps- you can see we all have similar but different experiences. Whatever you choose- stay positive. :angel:
Re: Worried
Aug 27, 2008
Pickle! I am sad to say you were right! I do feel a lot crappier than I expected to :(

I've taken the ibuprofen as soon as class starts (7am), but by the end of the second part (8:30am or so) I can't wait to lay down. I feel like screaming and get so antsy. I called the doc and they said I could come in today but had to see another doc in the practice :'( which I didn't want, or wait until my check up next Thursday. I opted for that since I still have all the pain meds but I have to wait til I get home to take the Vicodin. All they would have done is tell me to rest more (which is a bit impossible while in class) and give me more drugs.

Boo! I hope I'm healing fine. I'm such a wreck (lol, understatement of the year), do you think I can ask for/or they will routinely do another pap/ecc at the checkup? Or is it just a look to see how it's healing?

I know, yes, I got good news from the LEEP but I dread waiting 3mos for another. Oy.

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