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Hi there. I'm in a similiar boat but not as far along as you girls. I had my first abnormal pap in June of 07- ASCUS and neg HPV. Repeat at 3 mos- same results. Repeat at 6 mos- same results. Colpo showed no dysplasia and no HPV. So I am due for another in October. Like your Dr., my Dr. is "encouraged" by the negative HPV. She was so "encouraged" after just one HPV test though. It wasn't until after the third that she was confident HPV was not present...apparently it can be evasive sometimes. I wait...and hope...and pray that October is NORMAL. That said, the majority of abnormalities and cancer are accompanied by HPV so when it is absent, Dr's feel better. One important note though. Chances are your Dr's tested you for High Risk HPV and not low risk. It's possible that we are positive for low risk which can also cause abnormalities (ASCUS and CIN I). These changes though are not thought to progress to CIN II, III or Cancer which is why they usually don't test for low risk. Hope this helps.:angel:

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