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Could someone give me some more info. on ovarian cysts? If you read my other post , I was just told I have a "resolving ovarian cyst". I am unsure what that means. I was given no more info. about it, ie size, etc. I was just told "resolving cyst" & don't worry about it. I just talked to a nurse, not my doctor about the results of my ultrasound (it's impossible to get a hold of my doctor, I think I need to find someone else) anyways -does anyone have any more info for me? Will this happen every month? I have had this pain off and on for years, does that mean that I keep getting cysts? I had such bad pain in my lower right front and back and it felt like I was bleeding inside- it felt so hot, does that mean rupture? Can a cyst cause diarrhea? Does having cysts put you at more of a risk for cancer? I need to find a better doctor who will give me more info I think. But if anyone has had ovarian cysts and has any more info. for me it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
The doctors office called back and said that they found blood in my urine sample. They want me to come back in in two weeks to retest it and said that maybe it's kidney stones. I am not having the pain associated with kidney stones. I am having stabbing pains on my right side where they say I have a "resolving cyst" and it feels very hot inside like it is bleeding or something. Can an ovarian cyst cause blood in the urine?
Hello Veronica,

I doubt very much that the resolving ovarian cyst is causing blood in your urine. The information that TNWalker gave you is extremely accurate and the resolving cyst that you have is probably just a normal functional cyst that is following its natural course.

Blood in the urine sounds more like a kidney or bladder issue and the stabbing pains are more likely related to this and not to the ovarian cyst. Have they told you to drink a lot of water ? This might not be a bad idea if you have kidney stones. Can they not verify whether it is indeed kidney stones that are causing the blood ? Urinary tract infections can also do this
(I know this has happened to me before) as can bladder infections. However, you would probably know if you had a UTI because you would have the urge to pee frequently.

If you are unsatisfied with your doctor, find another one. It will be worth it in the long run. Let us know what the doctor says.


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