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Hey guys,
LEEP success I think is more measured by wether or not it comes back... not how well the procedure went. For me, I was put under be cause I had severe dysplasia (CIN 3). When they finally got in there the doc found that it has spread to the rest of the vagina and everything was severely dieased. I was in a lot of pain afterwards in recovery- due to how much they had to take caurterize. The blood and cramping was terrible and the smell is unforgetable. I ran a fever for a while and had a hard time getting back on my feet..which is not like me. Anyway, for my 6 week follow up the doc found that I was far from healed and I must go back again. She also said that they didn't get it all. Paps and another LEEP is in the works for future months to come. conclusion? Very little sucess so far.

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