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HI...let me first say..thanks for your seem to be one of the more wisdom having veterans of this site. I am sorry that you are....but we are here at this point in our lives because we are supposed to be.(God only knows why!)
I am 30. Thankfully, I have my children and had a tubal 9 years ago. So if it's a hyst they end up wanting to do...then I am ready. I asked about HPV and she said that when my pap results came back HGSIL(high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions) that it is a given and absolutely postive for HPV. I like to have all the details and almost ask why an HPV test wasn't done anyway...but decided that my treatment course of action has to do with what the biopsy why bother I guess. And yes she did an ECC with my colpo and biopsy. About the cryosurgery...she only made that appointment for me for treatment of what she saw during the colpo. She said that at the very least I would have to have two sessions....BUT if my biopsy came back worse that on the surface, then we would not do the cryo and move on to the cone to find out more. The way she talked made me feel like she expects to cancel the cryo. I hope that I am wrong..but I don't think I am. I haven't asked for a copy of my lab tests...maybe I should. Thanks for that idea. I have been doing research on the HSV2 and cervical cancer link and what I am finding is not sounding good. I found a few studies stating that women with HSV2 antibodies in their blood and HPV or any abnormality of the cervix were 2 x as likely to have invasive cervical cancer. Scary!!!!!!!!
So you have had your hyst already? How old are you...if you don't mind me asking? And you teach school?......I thought I read that in one of your posts. I work with special needs children at an elementary school. I start back Monday....I have no idea how I am going to focus or get anything done! My daughter is going with me Monday to help unpack. Good luck getting ready for school!!
Sorry for being so long just helps to talk...hee hee...well type! ;-)
Browneyez, I totally understand about it helping to talk/type! This has been my therapy and source of sanity in the last 4 months or so. I have learned SOOOOO much in that time period! I wish I hadn't had to learn this stuff, but if I have to learn it, I might as well pass it along, right?!

Yes, I'm a teacher. I teach middle school. I go back, officially, in 2 week, but will have to spend many hours in the next 2 weeks trying to get my room arranged. We have to pack up EVERYTHING and put it on the counters. Nothing is allowed to stay on any desk, counter, or table. It is only one step better than having to move rooms because my stuff stays in the room. I'm still on a 10-15 pound weight lifting restriction so I won't be able to move much at all. I'm trying to release control of doing everything myself . . . but it isn't an easy lesson!

I totally understand about finding it difficult to have your mind on the job with all of this stuff going through your head. I started this journey back in January, but was only anxious until early April when I got my cancer diagnosis. It was at that point that I was thankful when I was so distracted by teaching that I didn't think about the cancer and what-ifs! I had my hyst 12 days after school let out, so I didn't have a lot of down-time to not be preoccupied by school! ;)

I am 45. I had my hyst June 18th. I'm 6 weeks now and will be 8 weeks postop when I go back. My doctor did the hyst LAVH (lap assited vaginal hyst). I've had a pretty good recovery.

Hopefully you and your doctor have found the dysplasia early enough that the cryo/cone biopsy will be your only treatment. Please keep us updated!

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