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[QUOTE=CalypsosMom;3685019]Well, i just had my Colpo, and the dr. said that "there was not really anything to write home about." She said if anything there may have been a bit of mild abnormalities going on. But I did test positive with HR I have to go in more frequently for paps. I was really nervous about the procedure but it wasn't so bad. Just a bit of cramping. The ECC was the most uncomfortable. Now I just sit and wait to see what the pathologist has to say. So those of you out there who just found out that they had an abnormal pap with HGSIL, don't worry JUST YET!! I will post again in a few days.:angel:[/QUOTE]
I have HSIL as well. I just had a colpo minus the biopsy part. She said that it looked like I was still high-grade. Then, last week I had a lot of bleeding after sex (sorry for the TMI). I was so scared that that means it has turned into cancer!!! So what is going to happen with your situation? I hope all is well and will be praying for you! Keep me posted. I am scared..really scared!

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