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Septated cyst
Aug 11, 2008
hi i had asked a couple questions on another thread but wanted to aked a couple more so here goes.i had some spotting and some right pelvic pain over a month ago ,i never spot in between periods.i am 50 years old and have regular periods but the last few months they are extremly late almost missing a month ,when the spotting started the pain was uncomfortable so i went to my doc.she said it was probably a cyts that had burst she did a pelvic exam and could feel nothing.the spotting was off and on for a few days the pain stopped when the spotting stopped, i went for a ultrasound last week and they found a 4.8 adnexa cyst with a thin septation recommened follow up in 6 weeks to confirm size and i mentioned before if the reason for the spotting was a broken cyst as she thought then why would it still be there and why the spotting, also is it possible for a cyst to grow that large with out a whole lot of pain.i guess what im wondering is it must have been growing for some time and if its nothing do they really go away in a few months.i have had alot of gas and stomache problems i always have but they have gotten much worse.i was wondering about septated my doctor did not seem to concerned by that word,although some sites say its more reason for concern other sites say it is not.but it seems to me it would be a more complex cyst.i am worried as there is not alot of pain but just an odd feeling in my stomache and lots of gas and bloating any response would be appreciated alot of youre post seem very informative,thanxs for you're time,,,,,

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