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Re: LEEP Results
Aug 14, 2008
Hmmm, I still suggest you go to a gyn/onc if you can.

I got flash backs from when I received my results from my ECC. The nurse started to read, then she paused (after she adenocarcinoma in situ). Then she said, "you need to come in and see Dr. H." They wouldn't give me a copy of the actual report until AFTER I spoke with the doctor.

The thing that concerns me is that the endocervical glands are involved. Those are mucous secreting glands, as I understand it (not lymph nodes). If the mucous secreting glands are involved then I thought that was glandular/columnar (and therefore could be adenocarinoma-type involvement).

Can you make an appointment with your doctor just to go over the pathology report?

When I had my cold knife cone biopsy, I learned the difference between those and LEEP procedures. They both remove a cone shaped piece of the cervix. They both remove tissue that can be biopsied. The LEEP singes the edges of the tissue (biopsied tissue and the intact cervix). This reduces bleeding post procedure. The cold knife cone is a clean cut. The edges are intact (on biopsied and cervix). Margins/edges are clear on a cone, but not on a LEEP. I suspect my doctor did the cone instead of a LEEP because she expected it to be cancer (since my ECC came back adenocarcinoma in situ).

I don't know what else to tell you right now. I hope you can call your doctor tomorrow and maybe get some more answers.

Take care of yourself!

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