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Re: LEEP Results
Aug 17, 2008
AIS and glandular involvement are not the same. I thought they were, but found articles saying otherwise. It's very confusing. I hope some pathologists don't use the terms interchangeably because then my info is wrong. My lesion was on the ectocervix, but involved "endocervical mucosa." I still don't entirely know what that was all about but any mention of "endocervical" makes me extremely nervous.

There is also a mixed lesion, "adenosquamous," that is rare (rarer than adenocarcinoma, which isn't even rare anymore). Can't seem to find good data about it other than that it is very aggressive.

Glandular involvement or gland duct involvement occurs alongside squamous lesions, typically high grade lesions, but as you all know high grade lesions can coexist with low grade lesions (more than one lesion, etc.) I can't visualize it, but it's characterized by loss of cellular polarity causing cells looked "piled onto" one another.

Anyway, I would like to know more as it is not well-defined even amongst professionals, and will ask my gyn when I see her next time.

Pickle Eyes, how are you doing? If you are still reading this thread. How frequent do you return for checkups, and do your checkups involve paps or colpos or even both? I am still amazed and delighted how "on the ball" your doc was. Hope this post doesn't get zapped for threadjacking.

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