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I've heard of this happening but rarely. First, I'm really happy your leep came back "only" mild dysplasia. However, I would ask the path (perhaps one at another lab, if you're lucky enough to be in a big city where there is more than one pathology lab) to reread your slides—BOTH pap and leep specimen—because a discordance of more than one grade is very suspicious and not acceptable. One grade difference between pap and biopsy is ok, but more than that is not.

Did your pap read CIN 3 or CIS? Or did it just state HSIL? HSIL encompasses both CIN 2 and CIN 3. LSIL encompasses koilocytosis (HPV effect) and CIN 1. One pathologist might interpret a slide as CIN 1 while another path calls CIN 2. That's not too hard to imagine. But CIN 3 to CIN 1 or vice versa is a big leap.

This is why a biopsy should be taken before a leep. If it's a good sample, the BIOPSY is diagnostic, not the pap, which is just a screening tool and subject to MANY false negatives (something around the ballpark of 10-20%!). But you have to get the right depth at biopsy...not all doctors do. My biopsy was a bit shallow.

Possible reasons why your pap and leep don't match:

1) Pap was overread. (it's usually the opposite, since it's just a superficial sampling of cells, barely a scraping)

2) Leep specimen underread.

3) Your body cleared the dysplasia sometime between pap and leep. (probably not all the way from CIN 3)

4) Your doctor didn't actually leep the CIN 3 spot. He leeped a spot that has only CIN 1. (I would be so pissed if this was the case, but I'm 28 and want all of my cervix for children, whereas at 47 you may be ok with that)

Given these results, you absolutely need the HPV test. It's very possible that with your history of excessive inflammation, polyps, etc., that you don't even have HPV! Or, that you have LOW risk only, in which case you can basically put all cervical cancer worries to rest, because low risk virtually never causes cancer in a HIV-, non-smoker. If you had the ThinPrep pap done (liquid cytology), they can use that same sample to test for HPV.

Pickle Eyes hit on the main vitamins. You should be taking a daily multi anyway. I never did and my body functioned just fine, but do now, since my HPV and GHSV-2 really screwed things up. Do a search for "natural therapy" in this forum. LOTS of girls in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s have had success, but I'm not one of them…yet. That may be because I ALSO have genital HSV-2 (sadly, discovered in the midst of my HPV trauma: in fact, hrHPV is so nasty, it brought out my GHSV-2 from dormancy!), which has a synergistic effect with hrHPV (to my detriment), and a chronically low WBC count. If you're going the suppository route, I don't recommend won't hurt you, but I think it's a waste of money. I never used it.

May I ask you an unrelated question? How much recovery time is required after endometrial biopsy? Since the HPV, my periods have been completely insane and my anemia is affecting my hemoglobin. I see my gyn in two weeks and don't know if she'll suggest endometrial biopsy. Is it possible to have it done in the office (without going to hospital) by local anesthesia? I hate other types of anesthesia. Thanks.

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