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May I ask you an unrelated question? How much recovery time is required after endometrial biopsy? Since the HPV, my periods have been completely insane and my anemia is affecting my hemoglobin. I see my gyn in two weeks and don't know if she'll suggest endometrial biopsy. Is it possible to have it done in the office (without going to hospital) by local anesthesia? I hate other types of anesthesia. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much for the detailed explanations - they make even more sense now. In answer to your questions:

I did the Endometrial biopsy at the time of the PAP test. The reason was occasional spotting between periods. I am still waiting for a written report so I can tell you exactly the verbiage used , but the Dr. told me that it was negative. The Endometrial biopsy itself was a little more uncomfortable (=painful) that the LEEP. It was done under local anesthesia but the "feel" was painful. I have a rather good tolerance for pain and never had big problems with pms or associated discomfort. I had only a day or so of spotting/low bleeding and no pain at all. LEEP was far easier to tolerate as a procedure, but the after effects are more vizible(low ab pain and discharge) even in the second week. Nothing to require pain medication though.

In answer to the CIN3 to CIN1 question. I think (hope) that the PAP was over diagnosed and the LEEP cleared the problem.
The PAP results read:
Interpretation: High Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion, moderate dysplasia (CIN II) : Severe dysplasia or carcinoma in situ (CIN III).
Excessive inflammation.

The recommendation was colposcopy, but when I got to the offfice, the Dr. told me that , regardless of what he sees, he will do a biopsy anyway. Then he said that rather than waiting for results, he would do a LEEP instead that would also act as a cure.

On the written report received, there was a note with the LEEP description which read:
FIXATIVE: Formalin. NO. PIECES: 1. SIZE?VOL: 22x5 mm. CASSETTES: 6, NS.

Again, I was never explained (Dr. or nurse ) what all this means, not even a question about how I feel after LEEP or any encouragement that all will be okay. It seems like I'm inconveniencing them with questions (the few I had) and ove rthe phone I was told by nurse to come back in 6 mo... and "thank you for calling our group".
You mentioned that they should retest the same PAP for HPV - I am sure they will not do that , just because it is such a big "effort" for them to give the results (never mind explaining). Can you even imagine how much it would take them to "understand" my request for retesting for HPV???
So, with all these results in hand , I will go to our family doctor and ask for his recommendation on the next steps... I am almost sure he will refer me to an OBGY/ONC - he is an extraordinary doctor with a hands-on attitude: typ. refers patients to specialists, asks for results and explanations himself, and after his dialogue with the specialist comes back to his patient and explains(thoroughly) what happens... I will just wait a few months to regroup.
I will write more on the alternative side once I will have this conversation with a few more... I am ambivalent about it myself, but have to recognize at least the placibo effect that worked (for me) before...

[U] Kell1960[/U] please feel free to discuss everything on this thread - please do not worry about any "highjacking a thread"... You are making Me a favor to keep the dialogue on this thread, so please keep it here.
Pickle Eyes[/U] thank you for your notes and info - it is so great to have so much support and most of all, corroborated info especially for the ones like us that do not have a great dialogue with their Dr-s...

Thank you again for the info and comments - please keep them on this thread if you feel like it... I am just gratefull for them all.


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