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Hurry up and wait!
Aug 27, 2008
Hi, new to posting here, but I've been lurking for about a month or so now and thought I'd finally say hi!

I'm 36, and had my first abnormal pap back at the end of June. Never had any problems with my paps before, and had the Essure procedure done the first week of July. When I scheduled my follow up for that, I found out my pap was abnormal, LGSIL is what the paper said, plus I have the high risk HPV.

So, the following week I go in for a colpo and ECC...that was not a good time at all, lol. She took 2 samples, plus the ECC and sent them off to the lab to be tested. I had cramps the rest of that day and evening, but not much spotting at all. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I go in for my follow up for that....both the colpo and the ECC came back clean! I thought that would be great news, but my doctor said that there could be cells hiding inside...the donut hole, as I've heard it called here, lol. She said I could wait and see what happens, or have the LEEP done. She recommended the LEEP because of my age, and the HPV. I'm on vacation from work, so I opted to be proactive and go for the LEEP. I went in and had that done yesterday, and I think the worst part of that was seeing the needle before getting the shot, lol. All in all it wasn't as bad as I thought, and no cramping or spotting. It felt more like a sunburn up there than anything else, lol.

Sooo...I"m wondering if this comes back clean, should I just take a wait and see approach? She said there were no white spots from the vinegar on my vagina, and only the two small areas when she did the colpo (that came back fine). Is it possible to go from an abnormal pap to a clean bill of health a month later? I was thinking if the ECC came back clean, then I was good to go, but it seems like my doc wanted to do the LEEP just to be on the safe side, which I"m fine with.

Love to hear any thoughts or opinions from some of the veteran posters here! I'm so glad I found this board, it has been SO helpful to find info and experiences while I've been waiting and worrying myself to death, lol. Thanks in advance!

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