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I'm so glad you are comfortable with him! That is really important. He sounds wonderful.

I have had 2 cold knife cones. The first one was in April and the second one was the day before my hysterectomy, so its healing process has kind of merged with the hysterectomy recovery in my little brain! ;) So I'll share about the first cone.

I was scheduled for day surgery on a Friday. We arrived at the surgery center at 6 or 6:30. I was first on the list. Since it was general anesthesia, I wasn't allowed anything to eat/drink after midnight the night before.

I went in, changed into the lovely hospital gown and drab-tan antislip socks. I was taken to my little "holding bay" separated by a curtain from the next bay. A nurse came and hooked up my IV. The anesthesiologist stopped by to introduce herself and visit for a few minutes. Several nurses came by with comments/questions. My doctor stopped by and visited for a few minutes. I signed the final consents for surgery. They started my versed (I looooove that med! It reduces and anxiety stress immediately!). They wheeled me to the surgery suite. I remember going through the door and them asking me to scoot over on the table. Then next thing I knew I was back in my little bay, postop.

The surgery took about 30 minutes. My doctor did another ECC, D&C, endometrial biopsy, and the cone biopsy.

I remember being in some pain and some nausea when I woke up, but the nurse was right there and gave me some injections (into my IV) for pain and nausea. They helped right away. After about 45 minutes of being groggy, I made my first restroom trip. About 45 minutes after that I was dressing and heading out the door. I was home before noon. (yes, I lost track of some time, but I can't remember the times exactly. What can I say, I'm getting old! hahaha)

I slept most of that day. I got up that evening and ate some dinner, got on the computer for a little while, then went back to bed. I don't recall what my pain med was. It was either some vicodin or just plain ol' ibuprofen. If it was vicodin, I only took a couple of pills total.

Saturday, I rested and slept a lot, but don't recall any real pain. It was more like discomfort like from period cramps (I didn't get really bad period cramps - just dull aching). Sunday, I was up and went grocery shopping, but hubby went went me and pushed the cart. I was back at work on Monday.

I spotted for about a week afterwards.

I hope that helps! :)

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