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Hi Toni,

I think that you most definitely should get a second opinion about having those cysts removed especially if they are causing you problems. You cannot go one like that and if a simple laparoscopic surgery will take care of the terrible pain that you are having then so be it. Is there any particular reason that the doctor does not want to go in and remove them ? Is he perhaps concerned that they will return ? Or perhaps your last surgery was a bit rough and he is concerned about that ?

Oh and by the way Kobbler, I am sure that you are only trying to help but let me tell you that MANY women have cysts that cause a lot of problems such as terrible pelvic pain, pain during intercourse and a host of other symptoms (diarrhea, nausea etc..). There are virtually hundreds of types of ovarian cysts and the types that you are talking about are the ones that come and go with ovulation (follicular and corpus luteal cysts). And even these damned things can cause a lot of pain during ovulation time for some. In addition, the anxiety that these things cause in us can be quite overwhelming, this I know first hand.

Women can be extremely sensitive about (aka sick and tired of) people telling us that ovarian cysts are common and that they don't cause any pain etc.. My own doctor kept telling me that it was NORMAL that I have an 8 cm cyst on my ovary and that it will go away. My radiologist also said this. No big deal they all said, it's just a follicular cyst and it will go away. One year later it is STILL there (perhaps a little larger in size) and my doctor is now forced to admit that it is not a normal functional cyst. My radiologist is stumped as to why it won't go away because it really looks like a follicular cyst. My gynecologist, on the other hand, knew after two months that it was probably an abnormal mucinous cyst so she trumped the both of them with her having seen so many different cases of ovarian cysts.

These damned things come in a variety of sizes and types and the ovary is a mysterious organ since it is also involved in the procreation of new life. Dermoid cysts can contain teeth and hair in them for example. Some women have huge cysts that they never knew about and others have tiny ones that cause extreme pain. The reason for this is unknown. One cannot simply lump everyone into one paragraph and each case has to be considered on its own merits. I myself experience horrible pain during ovulation time and I am not sure why (this never used to be the case).

If you ever have a loved one with an ovarian cyst, please be sensitive and understanding because these blasted things can really scare the HELL out of us. Ovarian cancer has garnered a horrible reputation and the thought of something growing inside of us that cannot be biopsied without having surgery (due to the ovary's location in the abdomen) can cause quite a lot of anxiety. Yes most cysts are benign and this is reassuring but having to watch something that is "probably benign" is not fun, let me tell you.

Sorry for the rant but my own husband has not been the most understanding person throughout my own ordeal. I also suspect that the birth control pill had something to do with my own situation so this adds a certain amount of resentment on my part (although the pill was my choice so I will have to live with that).

Toni, I hope you find a good doctor who is sympathetic to your concerns and to your pain. Come back and let us know how you are doing and all the best.


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