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My cervical cancer was diagnosed in Jan of 08, started my treatment in Feb, I was 44. My symptoms consisted of dull ache in my pelvis, discharge, bleeding after intercourse, very heavy periods, painful bowel movements and fatigue. I finished my treatement in April, 30 external, 6 chemo, and 5 internal. The chemo was not too bad, for myself I learned if I ate and was sick if I ate again I could keep it down (not sure why it stayed down the second time). Really try and maintain your weight, if you lose too much your body can turn its attention to that , also you need to keep your strength up. The external radiation had longer lasting side effects my intestines became inflamed and became very painful as waste passed thru. The internal radiation, well there is just nothing good to say about that, I wonder who's twisted mind came up with that treatment. But I am very grateful they did, it goes right to the source and is the most effective. This was the hardest for me, but everyone is different so I won't go into detail.

Ok so then I went for my first 3 month check up, yeah not so good, doctor can feel a thickening and doesn't like the look of the cervix. I go this friday to see a doctor who may recommend removing my bladder and part of my rectum. I am also scheduled for scans and tests.

Ok so here is the good part, and Tianna this is in response to your request for advice if you are diagnosed. First ignore any stats on survival,(mine are quite low) They lump everyone together, the younger you are the better your chances. There is good treatment out there now. Lean on your family and friends. Seek advice and help where you feel comfortable (my husband made me go to see a healer this week- very interesting I am glad I went, met some great people) . The treatment will come to an end, keep a positive attitude and sense of humor.

For me I don't focus on it, I don't wake up every morning thinking about my cancer. I watch my diet, I like the alkalizing diets, exercise, and get plenty of
rest. I may die of cancer or I may not, I am lucky to be able to live everyday between with a new awareness.

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